Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lifestyle Private Shoot

I was recently invited to a Lifestyle Private Shoot, shot by two awesome Photographers Max Luger & Evan Felts . I was Glad to be in the shoot with awesome talented individuals Mojo Disco , Messiah Ross , Oneuncannylady  and Nathaniel White . We had so much fun and amazing pictures. It was a really productive day overall, here are 3 of  the pics from the shoot. Will post the rest later. 

Monday, December 5, 2011


Went to Queens,Ny to hang with friends and thrift (my favorite thing to do) . I bought 100 dollars worth of items, I got 4 pair of boots, 3 winter coats, 8 tops, 6 Blazers, 2 Bags, 8 Sweaters and one plate of food lol. You can't beat that. My outfit is all thrifted accept for the jacket. I got the jacket from susyscloset.I have an extra one in sizes X-Large that I will be putting up for sale. My jersey shirt is from my Boyfriends closet I love wearing my boyfriends clothes they fit comfortable and its much easier than shopping for menswear clothes. My skirt was from forever 21 for about 10 dollars and I found those Shades in my house lol. 

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yarn Braids & African Girls

I just did My Yarn Braids!! I decided to do my braids instead of The Yarn Dreads. I love them. They are about 26'inches long and took me about 8hours. I added Shells on them and hair accessories to give it a little Life, later on I decided to wrap it like a Beehive. I just kept wrapping all the braids around till i got to the top (I used no pins).
My wardrobe is all thrifted, My dress was about $4, My Boots were about $7 My Bag was about $8 all from salvation army.The dress My friend Rain is wearing will be on Soon! Also is undergoing Maintenance and will be up as soon as I am satisfied with the merchandise and the image of the site. I will be making alot of African print bangles for cheap cheap prices and I will be customize alot of items that have some type of culture in them.