Monday, April 25, 2011

African Creature

A little bit of what I do. I decided to Upload some of my old work that I've done in the past. This was my first Project and It turned out well. I was suppose to shoot the models in a park where there was alot of bushes to give the images a more afrocentric look but It was raining so hard So I decided to shoot them in a building. Check out some of the Pictures. 
Photographer & stylist: Susy the Stylist 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Followers, I'm REALER Than you think

When people see me, their first impression is "She looks mean. She's cocky. She thinks she's all that." But the problem with first impressions is that they're usually wrong. If you would actually get to know me & not judge me based on the way I dress or style my hair, you would see that I'm a friendly, humble, honest, outgoing, fun-loving girl! My big hair = my big personality! & My fashion is simply how I express myself. I never think I'm better than anyone. Just because I'm known, doesn't mean you can't approach me. I hate when people have some kind of fame and start acting up! That's definitely not me. If you were to ever see me in the streets, please come say hi! I love meeting new people & making friends! You all inspire me. =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Printed Harem Pants

If you really know me, You would know I love Harem Pants. I can't get enough of them. Printed, Solid colors, Silk all of them. I just love them. I thought today was going to be as nice as yesterday so I decided to wear them today. The one I'm wearing has an Indie,afro feel to it.I can wear it as harem Pants and a Jumpsuit.
I wore a Black Blazer and Black Top and boots just so the Pants can Pop.
Where did I purchase them?- I purchased them at the Flea Market in NY,NY. It is in soho If you take the R train to Prince Street or N and get off and keep walking straight down the strip you will see it. It's the Place where they sell all different types of Harem Pants, Afro & indie type of material outside.
How Much?-I bought them for about $20.00-$25.00 I think 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pink Hearts,Cheetah Leopard Wedges!!

Today I wanted to Wear this Pink Jumpsuit So bad because it's been sitting in my closent for a while now. I got it from Abercombie & fitch for $20.00 bucks at the AF Warehouse in New Jersey. 
What I'm wearing: Blazer:Free[Clothingdrive]
Cheetah Wedges: Forever 21


Alot of people have been asking about my Cheetah wedges. I bought them from forever 21 for about $25.00 I can't remember but I know a couple of sites that you can get a taste of Cheetah or Leopard Wedges
These are from Topshop . I like these better because the Material last longer check them out on
Giuseppe Zanotti animal print wedge booties
Bebe “Charlotte” Haircalf Leopard Wedge Booties

Forever 21 Cheetah print wedges, $35
Jeffrey Campell Mary Fur Leopard Wedges $155

Jeffrey Campbell

Lita Platform Boot - Leopard Pony

Gray Cable Knit Infinity Scarf about 17$

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I cut my Yarn Braids!!

I needed a New Look before I take out these Yarn Braids so I decided to cut it Shoulder Length for a different, natural and easy look.What do you think?