Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A little about myself

Hello to all my Followers to all that don't really know me. my name is Susan oluwatoyin Oludele, but you can call me susy. I’m Nigerian ; yoruba to be exact & I’m 21year old Hairstylist based in Harlem,NY. I’ve been doing hair for about 5years now (I love what I do).I own a vintage online shop called susyscloset.com where you can get dope affordable vintage clothes online. I also do wardrobe styling and photography on the side. I did work for Lydia forson, Face2faceafrica.com, NYFW, AFWNY, Alexfolzi.CA and many more just to name a few. I have an associates degree in Business Management and I am current working on My licence to be certified in cosmetology and esthiology. I am a typical razz awon ghetto girl lol I eat garri and milk like any other African hahaha. One of my dreams is becoming the top of the world stylist owning a natural salon in every state that will have consultants on natural hair and etc. One of The Reason why I named my blog African Creature was because When I was Young I was always called mean names about being African and kids used to make fun of me and call me an african monster, african booty scratcher,ugly blacky, mean names.I was tortured by alot of kids. As I grew up I realized How beautiful I was from my personality inside and out. I don’t believe in the word “UGLY” because what is Ugly to you may be Beautiful to someone else. Ugly is such a Harsh Term that you might use it to a person that has a horrible personality. So When I created the term “African Creature” it’s sort of an Alter Ego. I use the term I was teased with before and made it into something positive.