Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lifestyle Private Shoot

I was recently invited to a Lifestyle Private Shoot, shot by two awesome Photographers Max Luger & Evan Felts . I was Glad to be in the shoot with awesome talented individuals Mojo Disco , Messiah Ross , Oneuncannylady  and Nathaniel White . We had so much fun and amazing pictures. It was a really productive day overall, here are 3 of  the pics from the shoot. Will post the rest later. 

Monday, December 5, 2011


Went to Queens,Ny to hang with friends and thrift (my favorite thing to do) . I bought 100 dollars worth of items, I got 4 pair of boots, 3 winter coats, 8 tops, 6 Blazers, 2 Bags, 8 Sweaters and one plate of food lol. You can't beat that. My outfit is all thrifted accept for the jacket. I got the jacket from susyscloset.I have an extra one in sizes X-Large that I will be putting up for sale. My jersey shirt is from my Boyfriends closet I love wearing my boyfriends clothes they fit comfortable and its much easier than shopping for menswear clothes. My skirt was from forever 21 for about 10 dollars and I found those Shades in my house lol. 

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yarn Braids & African Girls

I just did My Yarn Braids!! I decided to do my braids instead of The Yarn Dreads. I love them. They are about 26'inches long and took me about 8hours. I added Shells on them and hair accessories to give it a little Life, later on I decided to wrap it like a Beehive. I just kept wrapping all the braids around till i got to the top (I used no pins).
My wardrobe is all thrifted, My dress was about $4, My Boots were about $7 My Bag was about $8 all from salvation army.The dress My friend Rain is wearing will be on Soon! Also is undergoing Maintenance and will be up as soon as I am satisfied with the merchandise and the image of the site. I will be making alot of African print bangles for cheap cheap prices and I will be customize alot of items that have some type of culture in them.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another day

Today is Snowing but I decided to wear something less of a bundle. I love my skirt which is available on , I paired it with a thrifted blazer I bought from salvation army. I did my hair about 2 weeks ago at the African shop. It is called Goddess Braids if anyone is wondering. They charge $10 dollars a braid but i'm sure if you compromise they'll do it for you cheaper. I took them out now because my birthday is coming up and I want to do a popping weave (That I will be installing and styling myself). 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey Beautiful Creatures! I've been pretty busy with my online store these days (susyscloset if you didn't check it out already). SusysCloset is an online vintage african store that is affordable and awesome for vintage clothing. Susyscloset is a doorway to be able to experience a little bit of African culture through clothing for an inexpensive price. Everyone can look fly for a dollar lol. Below I have some of my recent products I just Posted. Most of the items are one time buys but I am currently in the works with some talented designers to create a surplus of African Printed Clothes. By the way, I am not a designer nor do I want to be. I did not create any of the products you see on Susyscloset  until stated so. I am just a person for the love of clothes and I want to be able to give everyone a chance to wear cool stuff at affordable prices. Feel free to visit my site and happy shopping!!!