Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey Loves! I hope your week is starting out swell! I will be launching my website soon 
I will be selling Vintage clothing for now then I will branch out to everything else. Susy's Closet will be where You can purchase Awesome, Colorful and Vintage clothing for affordable Prices. Check out the Promo video I just Launched! I Hope you are as excited as I am. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Love, Peace and African Women

Hey Loves!!! I did my hair this week and I decided to do 2strand twist 20inches. It took me about 2 days to do and I used 12 packs of  kanekalon hair. The hair gets smaller when you twist it that's why I used so much, I dipped them in hot water when I was done. My Haitian friend Tarsha in the middle, has her real hair left out and its equivalent to 14inches of  Thick hair, I LOVE IT. My Nigerian friend on the right Nnenna has 22 inches of braided box braids. She wanted her hair to have the Brandy look, I love it also. These Braided Hairstyles are great Protective styles for any type of weather

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ugo MoziƩ's "Aston Mozie" spring 2012 exhibit

New York Fashion week has been great so far. I went to many shows and events and this Wednesday I Enjoyed Ugo 
MoziĆ©'s "Aston Mozie" spring 2012 exhibit. The leather, the colors, the snakeskin, the simplicity of the colors coordinated together was beyond brilliant. I went with some close friends of mine and we met tons of inspiring talented individuals. Designers, Makeup artists, Photographers, Models and more. People like Coco & Breezy, Fola Love, Tiffany B. chanel, Omarion, Diandra forest(one of the models) was at attendance. The Presentation started out with a little fashion show then a live display downstairs of his work. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

NYC FNO 2011

Fashion Night out was great. We met alot of cool, fashionable People and we had a great time. We spent most of our time in Soho. We went to Chanel, Wink, BBC and various other places. I Met some people that were so inspiring in their style and in there work. 

2 Stylist's I met at FNO

Somi,Me, Nnneoma,Nnenna


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