Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey Beautiful Creatures! I've been pretty busy with my online store these days (susyscloset if you didn't check it out already). SusysCloset is an online vintage african store that is affordable and awesome for vintage clothing. Susyscloset is a doorway to be able to experience a little bit of African culture through clothing for an inexpensive price. Everyone can look fly for a dollar lol. Below I have some of my recent products I just Posted. Most of the items are one time buys but I am currently in the works with some talented designers to create a surplus of African Printed Clothes. By the way, I am not a designer nor do I want to be. I did not create any of the products you see on Susyscloset  until stated so. I am just a person for the love of clothes and I want to be able to give everyone a chance to wear cool stuff at affordable prices. Feel free to visit my site and happy shopping!!!


  1. Nice collection

  2. Nice outfits!
    I like this african touch
    U rockkkkk girl

  3. ouhaou !!

    love the blue dress !!!

    where i find her ?


  4. I love all the colours and patterns here, so vibrant :)
    Your blog is really unique, I'm following right now !

  5. those red wedges are sick!!! love your photos

  6. lol
    loveeeee it.
    I hope to do a similar thing soon
    much respect to your support and her work!
    My father has the kente pattern cloth pants.. time to take them form him!

  7. I love your style. It is unique and fun!

  8. amazing patterns.. your blog is very unique.. loving it :D