Monday, March 28, 2011

Skin Bleaching...Good Or Bad?

Why do you think Most Women Bleach? 
My Response to this..I think Bleaching is telling God that you are not proud of the way he Made YOU. I honestly think most people that bleach actually look better before they have actually applied the bleach. Skin Bleaching Causes Cancer, Rashes, Skin diseases and etc. I think We need to STOP and take a look at what its doing to our Women. We have Mothers who bleach their Babies and their kids!! But for what? So our Kids could look light skinned? for our children to have a lighter skin color because they think its more beautiful? your destroying that kid!! Even our Men Bleach.. It’s an addiction that Most can’t get out of.  *i HAVE NOTHING AGAINST LIGHTSKINNED PEOPLE I LOVE YOU ALL
If you go to Manhattan or places in 5th avenue, soho, noho they don’t sell none of the sort. But if you go to the Places where there are alot of Minorities they sell it alot. I just think we get to caught up in what we want to look like but we dont realize how we look is just BEAUTIFUL


  1. skin bleaching is ridiculous
    I agree with you saying it's a way of us telling God that we aren't pleased with his creation, but blame the media for depicting beauty as a light complexion woman with a distinct european look. I think we are all beautiful and people should try as much as they can not to absorb what they see or hear on tv.

  2. u said it exactly how it need to be said.....but trust me they wont stop till they realize the true outcome...its crazy cause after bleaching ur skin can never go back to the same way it was b4 ...smh pathetic if u ask me


  3. yes!! skin bleaching = skin destorying. but then again, we have to ask why people want lighter skin so much. not only the media but also people around them will feed them this hatred of darkness (i read your profile and i was bullied in school as well for being "too dark") i think that more people like you have to show pictures of women of all shades in their beauty for everyone to believe it that we don't need skin bleaching but we are beautiful in our own shades. thanks for this blog & the discussion!~~

  4. I think its a matter of personal choice. People may choose to bleach their skin to get rid of scars, hyper pigmentation or other negative skin conditions. It is a way of unifying the complexion and creating a beautiful glowing skin. As long as one uses precautions and uses products that are safe and effective, then more power to them. I've been bleaching for two years and have gone from a complexion similar to Naomi Campbell to now having a complexion like Halle Berry (it took about 6 months to acheive this complexion). I started off trying to get rid of annoying acne scars that were very deep. Nothing I bought from the pharmacies or that was prescribed by doctors worked. The medications were aimed at clearing up my acne, but it ended up making me much darker than I originally was. So I did my own research and found some really effective products that worked really well for me. I'm Nigerian Canadian and have a lot of aunts who bleach like there is no tomorrow, I was sure I could find something effective once I understood how skin lightening worked. My beleif is that just because you choose to lighten your skin does not mean that you are buying into the negative stereotypes about dark skin. I'm much happier with a lighter complexion because all my skin is unified, I no longer have skars and uneven skin tone (i.e. very dark neck, under eyes elbows, knees, etc). Everything is one colour and I receive so many compliments everywhere I go. So I'm never going back to being dark and worrying about my appearance. I'm happy with a lighter, brighter and unified complexion.

    1. What do you use? I want some

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  6. If we really want to control the spread of the skin-bleaching virus, we first have to admit that there’s an epidemic of color prejudice in our society.
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  7. I think bleaching has pros and cons too. But I think this boils down to the satisfaction people get from it, regardless of what others think.