Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Followers, I'm REALER Than you think

When people see me, their first impression is "She looks mean. She's cocky. She thinks she's all that." But the problem with first impressions is that they're usually wrong. If you would actually get to know me & not judge me based on the way I dress or style my hair, you would see that I'm a friendly, humble, honest, outgoing, fun-loving girl! My big hair = my big personality! & My fashion is simply how I express myself. I never think I'm better than anyone. Just because I'm known, doesn't mean you can't approach me. I hate when people have some kind of fame and start acting up! That's definitely not me. If you were to ever see me in the streets, please come say hi! I love meeting new people & making friends! You all inspire me. =)

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