Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Beauty of Colors

           This Spring is all about Breaking the Rules when it comes to Fashion. The 70's Fashion is back this Summer with Flares,Bell bottom Pants, 70's Style Floppy Hats,Turbans,Maxi dresses, over sized tops,creating statements when it comes to your Shoes and Bright Solid colors.The Color blocking Trend which is not new but its back with beautiful hues this summer. I wanted to give the color blocking trend a try so I came with a different approach. I Purchased a two toned color, Pink and Orange dress from H&M for about $35.00. I wore Bright Blue Feather Earrings for about $5.00 from Strawberry which will be my Best friend this Spring. I bought Two Pink and blue awesome Purses from H&M for about $5.00 each. They are nice for a Picnic or a day out to the beach. I wore a Pair of  multi colored Shoes that went wonderful with the outfit. The colors were more bolder than I thought which gave it a unique look.keep in mind it is all about expressing yourself when it comes to your outfits. 
        Me and My good friend Steven Onoja wanted to look similar but simple. Steven's Hat is from TopMan, his shirt and blazer was thrifted. His shoes are from a Boutique in soho for about $100.00. His bag is from zara for about $60.00. His accessories are from the flea market all under $5.00. Steven has awesome style and I see him as the male version of me when it comes to style. You will see more of steven on my blog.

Many women wrongly believe they can’t wear Red lipstick. The secret to
 choosing the right color is picking one or two shades darker than your 
natural lip color.If you’re cool with pinkish or reddish undertones than it
 wouldn’t hurt to pick a red lipstick. 
Necklace & Earrings from: Strawberry

Pick a Nail Polish color that doesn’t match your complexion.
A Bold, Bright Solid Color dress
Everyone needs that cute Purse/Bag for the Spring. I purchased this from H&M for about $5.00. It is awesome for the beach, A nice picnic with HIM or a Girl’s Night Out!
Pick a shoe that speaks for it’s self and the rest will do the talking

Take a Glimpse of Steven.


Check out more of Steven:


  1. Oh That's crazy! love it:D
    Generally last time I wachted your almost all pictures on fb... They made my day! You're wonderful! :)

  2. you are doing the damn thing. I love the color blocking . . .and Steven is SUPER dope!!! GREAT PHOTO SHOOT!!! Too fly mama

  3. P.s. I love your blog- following you now.

    I love your hair. I am transitioning from perm since 1 year now so I need some inspiration/encouragement when all my perm hair is breaking off! Fight through the process! lol

  4. Great Shots - AMAZING Outfits both you + Steven.

    Jen xx


  6. You and Steven both look amazing! I love your dress and those earrings are sick girl! Steven's colored rolled pants with the loafers are cute and I love the leather elbows on his blazer.

  7. Cool blog!!! Love it, love the music. Love the colours. XxX

  8. wow . you guts rocked this out completely . colour blocking like a problem.

  9. Just 1 Word: WoW

  10. There is a black one too :)
    you're so lucky, the H&M' are more expensive here (in France)

  11. LOVE your style good continuation!!!


  12. Loving the colour blocking hunnie....and the earrings you got on are just FAB...