Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to do Fake Dreadlocks using Yarn

The Video I Promised to make on my Yarn Dreads! Check it out and be sure to Subscribe!!! Enjoy!


  1. Please turn OFF the automatically playing music on your blog. It's not cool, and not fun. First off, I was listening to my own music loud, and then all of a sudden your stuff starts playing over my stuff. Not cool. Second, what if I'd been at work or something and that had come blasting out of my speakers? Third, I opened a bunch of tabs all at once and I had to close them all because I didn't know which tab was making the obnoxious racket. Fourth, your music player is at the BOTTOM of a loooong page, and I still wanted to see your post, but I had to hunt around for the music player for precious moments while figuring out how to make the noise on your page stop so that I could go back to listening to MY music. And finally, embedded auto-playing music players are really the kind of ish people did on their geocities in 1996, and in 1996 should that fad remain.

    I mean, I'm about to start watching the video in the post because it's *really* interesting to me, but if it had been slightly less interesting, I guarantee I would have closed this page so fast and never come back. The reason I'm writing this comment is because I bet a TON of people just close your website the second it opens because of that obnoxious autoplaying ish, and there's no reason for that because it looks like you have some decent content.

    But just because it's decent content doesn't mean it's so drop dead amazing that anyone and everyone will put up with the annoyance of autoplaying music that they have to hunt to turn off just to read/watch what you wrote.

    1. why the fuck would be watching this at work? if your work is so slow or unimportant that you can be floating around on blogs on dreads then someone deserves to catch you and fire your ass. I love this music and i love dreads. So suck a dick Bro.
      I got your back African Creature.

    2. honestly don't leave an essay on how much you don't like the music, if you really don't like it turn down the volume on the technology you are using. It is not your job to tell her to change her music and if she loved the fad in 1996 let her go ahead and love it that's not your problem

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, I'm gonna try it tomorrow. Your hair looks gorg! What is the artist and or song playing in the video?

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  4. (yarn? wOW would never of thought!!) I've always wanted to try out dreadlocks and this seems like a really cool way of giving it a go. You need to keep these vids coming and I'll def. be checkin bk! Oh and I'll be following you on twitter so look out for me (I've just set it up) wanna follow each other?? x

    Urban art + street fashion addict:

  5. Loved the tutorial i will probably try this but will do it with Kinky hair instead aka Bob Marley. and it's makes since the analogy you gave between your yarn dreads and our mothers threading our hair when we were young!

    you're officially my hero
    woah I'm so excited my computer is spontaneously transitioning to all caps!

    thanks a heap

  7. Na fine babe yu dey be! Chai!!! ^_^ Hey, I found your blog while surfing the web and I am so glad I did. I relate to a lot of your posts esp. your intro. I'm also a naija ghel and LOVE LOVE LOVE how you embrace our culture. The song on your tutorial had me dancing around my room. I just wanted to say hello and let you know how much I repect your whole swag. GOOD WORK.
    -remain bless