Friday, September 23, 2011

Love, Peace and African Women

Hey Loves!!! I did my hair this week and I decided to do 2strand twist 20inches. It took me about 2 days to do and I used 12 packs of  kanekalon hair. The hair gets smaller when you twist it that's why I used so much, I dipped them in hot water when I was done. My Haitian friend Tarsha in the middle, has her real hair left out and its equivalent to 14inches of  Thick hair, I LOVE IT. My Nigerian friend on the right Nnenna has 22 inches of braided box braids. She wanted her hair to have the Brandy look, I love it also. These Braided Hairstyles are great Protective styles for any type of weather


  1. love the braids and u guys outfits! And I adore your header =)

  2. You all look so beautiful!
    looking forward to your posts to come
    and congratulations on your store!
    I too will also have one, in the coming days

    check me out!:

  3. omg This is really beautiful. i wish i could braid my own hair ..

  4. Amanda- Thanks love =)

    Afrikaisi- Thanks love

    Michaeline- Thank you very much I love your blog

    Ciaa- Thanks love, it takes practice but I think you can pull it off!! =)