Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm Back Bloggers

 Vintage Polkadot with stripes button up, Blue casual shorts, white preppy loafers , vintage round shades

It's been a while I've been blogging but im really back now. I moved to queens now from Harlem and I like it so far its just so quiet!!!! I miss Harlem but its cool, I love the surroundings in queens and I hope to meet new people here.


  1. Well, I love the shirt you wear and the hair also so special and unique style, that's really difference!

  2. This shirt is amazing, i love the gold studs on the shoulder and the vintage spirit. A very cool piece!

  3. Love this look! Esp. the shirt! It's very different and unique!! #winning

  4. I love in Queens too. Now it will be an easier commute when I come and get my hair did!