Thursday, March 31, 2011

African Creature in Baltimore, Maryland

My two days in Baltimore, Maryland was so fun. My first night there I went to a Dinner Party for a new good friend Romane celebrating his Birthday. The Culture, food,accents,music was just so overwhelming. Russians are so friendly, kind, fun and full of Joy. We took shots for every toasts, we had about 7-8 courses of Meals. We laughed, we kissed, we drank we ate, we toast. Experiencing another type of culture was great to me.

Untill Next week. I'll see you later Baltimore.
When I was on My way Back to Nyc One of my heels on my favorite Booties Broke. I was so disappointed, SO I left it out on the street & Sat it so Nicely...RIP GRAY BOOTIES


  1. Being open to oher cultures is an AMAZING thing. P.S- i love you hairstylein these photos <3
    XoXo Elite Editor @NewTaste Magazine ---> http://HiaYork.Com

  2. I love your outfit & the food pics ~~