Friday, April 1, 2011

Up,Close & Personal with Stephanie Nnamani, a.k.a Teff 'THE don' Fonzarelli.

"Fashion is the MEANS to the art of self-expression. Often times, the definition of fashion and style is 
confused. Fashion serves as an aid to style."

AfricanCreature interviewed Stephanie Nnamani,also known as Teff the don Fonzarelli, this weekend. Her Style turns heads, her presence & beauty tells all. Gorgeous and down to earth. Check out the interview.

1.What is your name?
      -Stephanie Nnamani, a.k.a Teff 'THE don' Fonzarelli.

2. Can You tell us a little about yourself?
    -I am the youngest girl of 6 six kids, I have a younger brother. I am filled with enough passion to flood the earth. I cannot function without music. I love to love and to be loved. I am eccentric. 21 years young. My family is my life. 

3.Where are you from?
   -Born and lived in Nigeria for about 8 or 9 years, then London, then New York. Though I've been in New York the longest, I consider all three home. I usually say New York to opt out given the explanation I just gave.

4.what is your occupation?
       -Is being a blogger considered an occupation? lol it's safe to say I'm a photographer, student and stylist.

5.Do you have any Blogs/websites? and if so what are they?
- Yes. I have two blogs: being my main domain, and I'm also on twitter @teffTHEdon, and of course there's flickr, and lastly, my facebook fan page, key search word: Teffography/TEFFTOPIA.

6.what makes you unique?
That's difficult to answer. Others tend to see my unique quality more vividly than I do. I would  say my daring spirit, but there are other daring spirits. 

7. If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?
-Now this is all strictly opinion, none of what  I'm about to list is set in stone 
I would suggest making it personal and sticking to what you know for the most part; in doing so, it's easier for you to find others that can relate and I find it's more rewarding that way. Refrain from being redundant; there's nothing I despise more than a redundant blog. Refrain from copying and pasting; speaking for myself, I want to be able to get something from a blog that I can't get elsewhere. But most importantly, it should be a pure reflection and extension of yourself.

8.who/what are your inspirations?
-My dad. Life inspires me. Art inspires me. The art of life inspires me.

9.Are you a full time blogger? How did you get into blogging and why?
-No, I'm not. I update my blog when I find time to. It's a hobby to me. I wanted to start blogging since late 2009, but I kept putting it off until I set it as a new years resolution. On new years day in 2010, I set up my blog as soon as the ball dropped. Why? Well, like I said, it's a hobby. Aside from music, it sometimes help me stay sane, believe it or not. In life, there's very few things you have total control over and to have control, is to have power; what human being doesn't thrive off of power? I have control over the content of my blogs, I post whatever I want to post

and I find that very therapeutic and delighting.

10. What is Fashion to you?
Fashion is the MEANS to the art of self-expression. Often times, the definition of fashion and style is confused. Fashion serves as an aid to style. 


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