Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teyana Taylor’s Tribal Vibe Magazine Photo Shoot

Teyana Taylor looked great in a recent photoshoot for VIBE.  With some unique looks, and hair.

The shoot was by fashion director: Niki Schwan, photographer(s) Smallz and Raskind, her hair byDaven Mayeda for Oribe Haircare, makeup by Nicole Armijo, and nails by Shelly Hill. 

Animal-print scarf (worn as top), $13,
 jacket, $70,
 shorts, $30, (all H&M) 
“Silver leaves “ziggurat” #8s, $2,875,
 Masha; one- of-a-kind vintage Turkoman Teke Cuffs, each $49, Silk Road Tribal.

Top$239, Ragdolls;
“Tilda” necklace, $1,200, 
“Miss Havisham” solid bangles in black, price available upon request, all Alexis Bittar.

$118, GUESS Traditional Vintage Kuchi Headpiece, $38, and Vintage Afghan Spiked Cuff Bracelets, $42, both Silk Road Tribal.

This one is my favorite Teyana rocks an African-print sleeveless jacket, $595
L.A.M.B; animal-print one- piece swimsuit, $25( which I'm going to purchase soon)
H&M; Hunan three-hoops earrings, $225
Masha; Vintage Kuchi Upper Arm Cuff, $35
Contemporary Kuchi Bell Anklets, $24
Tribal Belly Dance Fish Belt, $86, all Silk Road Tribal; “Watchout” shoe $110, Steve Madden.

This is a beautiful Dress for the summer
safari animal-print dress, $85-$125
 La Vie Boheme collection by Christine Graza at Melrose Space
tribal necklace, $35, Melrose Space.

Purple & Gold “Paris Dakar” jumpsuit, $150
bronze belt, $100, and bronze bracelet, $85
All Adama Paris; brown and gold bib #3, and “Chieng Mai Teahouse Series,” $4,875, both Masha; “Lucie” laser-cut shoe, $149, Bebe.

I LOVED the Clothes they used in this Shoot.
 What do you guys think? Did you like this
 Shoot? and Did you think they were successful
 with the tribal look? Did she do a much better
 Job than the "Beyonce Tribal shoot" that people
 got offended by?


  1. Much prefer the Vibe shoot, definitely think they were more successful at getting tribal inspired fashion. Perhaps just because its less of the haute-couture/wholesale appropriation of African fashion in the Beyonce shoot.

    Speaking of, I'm not sure how I missed that shoot but I have so many issues with Beyonce and her media portrayal/the fashion industry's inherent racism that this shoot doesn't even surprise me.

  2. her best look is the second one!

  3. Teyana Taylor in Vibe rocked tribal better! The styling & her signature big hair works so well with this shoot. The whole blackface, blonde hair, coon themed "tribal look" of Beyonce's shoot just didnt sit well with me & created a false protrayal of the African image. In all honesty, as a Nigerian sistah, I wish more shoots will consider showcasing true African models/actresses in shoots like these.

    Bald Heads & Platorms

  4. I think Teyana looks great and fierce ! Now, as for Beyonce's shoot. . .complete embarrassment. Portraying the wrong message for Africans.

    inthematterofstyle.blogspot.com !

  5. I prefer Teyana's shoot, she's awesome and the clothes really reminds me of tribal look. Beyoncé seems to be disguised, Teyana's is more natural.

  6. Vibe shoot, looks amazing, I need a shoot like that. I'm not a fan of the Beyonce shoot.