Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday's Are always Swell

Before I get into what I was wearing today.Let me tell you a little about my day. It was y first time Going to Times Square Church at 53rd st ny,ny and it was an amazing experience. I witnessed Jewish People, Catholic People, Christians, Asians, Africans, Hispanics, Jamaicans, Russians, everyone from a different descent all come together and praise God. It was a cool experience and I learnt alot. I am def going there again. 

What I'm Wearing -
I wore a black Blazer I got for free at a Church clothes drive (lol I know right). I wore a white shirt that is actually a dress but its too short so I wear it as a shirt now and I got it for about 3 dollars at some cheap store on 3rd avenue in the bronx,ny. My friend chindo Gave me my scarf from forever21 and my awesome African print pants from Salvation army for about 4 bucks. My Bag I got from forever 21 last year for about $17.00 and my shoes for $20.00. My head wrap is inspired by June Ambrose. 
Photographer-Antoinea Knight


  1. Hey love your blog is perfection. I love looking at your tumblr so Im really excited to see that you have a blog too.


  2. You are every kind of wonderful. I need to learn how to do headwraps like this! <3 I will be following you!

  3. Your style :-O so refreshing so cool.


  4. Dear ms. africancreature,

    Today is my first day on ur blog 'nd i love it!!
    So much inspiration, so much color waauw!
    I'n not an african but i defenitly love the style