Friday, May 6, 2011

Those Tights

This Season of the year it is all about Flares, Knee-highs, Top Hats, Accessories, crazy printed platforms and more. I really wanted a pair of thigh-high stockings but with a front and back Seam on the top of it. *I bought my Stockings from Beacon's closet (which is one of my favorite stores) and I paid about 8 dollars for it which is not bad! I bought my shirt from the Men's section of Salvation Army thrift shop for $6.00 dollars and I cut it to create a cropped shirt. My shorts are from forever21 & my Steve Madden boots are from Beacon's closet also for $35.00!!!! What a deal right?My purse was also purchased at the Salvation army thrift shop for about 5bucks. Check out Some Pics. 

I bought my rings on the street of harlem on 125th st 7th avenue


  1. Your hair is amazinggggg! Oh my goody!! SO intricate!

    Love your tights as well!


  2. yes to this!!!!! YOU ARE TOOOO FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i absolutely love your jewelry! :) ...I want the turtle on your pinky even more lol

  4. Thanks for comment and following.
    Gotta add u present in photographs really good. You're just stunning. i like the outfit also:)

  5. your hair SICK!
    your outfit BANGING!


  6. Girl, U rockkkkk

    I <3 your ringssssss

    (Your blog is so cool and colored!)
    *I put you in my blogroll ;)