Monday, July 11, 2011

Brooklyn Vibes

I haven't been blogging due to the fact of my busy schedule but I'm back now. I was in downtown Brooklyn,Ny yesterday for an event and I was feeling the vibe. So much Afrocentric people, so much afros, dreads and braids. I loved it. I bought my shirt at a shop near my house for 10 bucks. I love it. My necklace was a bunch of bracelets I dont use, I put it on a string and tied it around my neck. I bought my sandals from Marshall's for about $7.00. My bag is from h&m for about $5.00. 
Enjoyed my day with the friends I love.


  1. ahh so cute! feeling that necklace! that was a smart thing to do! Woop!


  2. love your outfit, beautiful. plus your hair--it's so thick and gorgeous!~

  3. beautiful girls :)
    love outfits

  4. So fresh your Outfit!! When I look to your hair, I want to offer you " du Beurre de Karité", I Think In inglish is Karité Butter...fresh com
    ming from Africa!!!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shirt! you and your friends are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fierce. AND your hair.... oh your hair!!!

  6. eeeek you guys all look great.

    J x