Monday, October 10, 2011

Nigerian Independence

Every year I always enjoy myself at the Nigerian Independence Parade.The Day of the parade each year I cook a whole feast and invite friends over then we all go to the parade together. I cooked Fried rice, Fried Chicken and Fried Plantain. Mmmhhmmmmmm So good!!!!!! We danced a little and had our own celebration before we left for the parade. I met up with some awesome people and we took millions of pictures. I can't wait for next year to meet some more awesome people, eat more jollof rice and dance!!!


  1. - Woooooow ! U're Stylish , I Like That ;)
    Enjoy & Keep The Fun Gurl <3

  2. Beautiful pictures!!!!

  3. Love love your style and your friends style lol Can i be part of your crew lol also I've awarded you with the kreative blogger award check out my page!

  4. What an event - I'm loving all the bright and vibrant colours.

  5. chic in the 1st image reminds me of M.I.A
    seriously retro looking shots out here :)


  6. hello!

    back in the blogging sphere just looking at what people are up to... wanted to stop by and say that i love how your blog shows such a colorful array of the fashion sense the people have around you, it's really interesting to scroll through all the personalities of this subculture of "african creatures" that you dont see everyday! There is so much creativity, vibrancy, color, form... people not afraid to stand out... love

    best wishes

  7. Stephanie thank you so much!!! =) your awesome!!! much love to you

    -Onyxsta lol i agree

    -Geriee Thanks!! =)

    -Brit thank you so much love

    -Amelle Thanks love =)