Thursday, March 31, 2011

African Creature in Baltimore, Maryland

My two days in Baltimore, Maryland was so fun. My first night there I went to a Dinner Party for a new good friend Romane celebrating his Birthday. The Culture, food,accents,music was just so overwhelming. Russians are so friendly, kind, fun and full of Joy. We took shots for every toasts, we had about 7-8 courses of Meals. We laughed, we kissed, we drank we ate, we toast. Experiencing another type of culture was great to me.

Untill Next week. I'll see you later Baltimore.
When I was on My way Back to Nyc One of my heels on my favorite Booties Broke. I was so disappointed, SO I left it out on the street & Sat it so Nicely...RIP GRAY BOOTIES

Monday, March 28, 2011

Skin Bleaching...Good Or Bad?

Why do you think Most Women Bleach? 
My Response to this..I think Bleaching is telling God that you are not proud of the way he Made YOU. I honestly think most people that bleach actually look better before they have actually applied the bleach. Skin Bleaching Causes Cancer, Rashes, Skin diseases and etc. I think We need to STOP and take a look at what its doing to our Women. We have Mothers who bleach their Babies and their kids!! But for what? So our Kids could look light skinned? for our children to have a lighter skin color because they think its more beautiful? your destroying that kid!! Even our Men Bleach.. It’s an addiction that Most can’t get out of.  *i HAVE NOTHING AGAINST LIGHTSKINNED PEOPLE I LOVE YOU ALL
If you go to Manhattan or places in 5th avenue, soho, noho they don’t sell none of the sort. But if you go to the Places where there are alot of Minorities they sell it alot. I just think we get to caught up in what we want to look like but we dont realize how we look is just BEAUTIFUL

Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Shoes from Aldo!!!

 So I was Looking on the Aldo Website and I couldn't help but notice these awesome printed wedges!! They come in two different colors: Green & Turquoise. They're great for summer and are just $90!  

Check them out: